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Alleviating depression through mindfulness and movement

11 Jul

Latest research shows that movement and mindfulness are significant alleviators of depression. A Harvard Medical School report  that reviewed studies dating back to 1981 concluded that mild to moderate depression can be helped by regular exercise at least as beneficially as antidepressants and that the positive benefits last much longer. They discuss the factors that contribute to […]

Relaxation – a new Olympic sport?

13 Nov
Anne -1037

Relaxation could become an Olympic sport Can you imagine a world where people compete to see who can relax the fastest, the deepest and the longest? Where people train long hours honing their relaxation skills? Where champion relaxers glide serenely between bouts? Of course, relaxation and competition are not easy bedfellows and there are many […]

How exercise helps mental health

05 Jul

I’ve recently been asked to write an article for the MIND Associates magazine. I chose to write about an aspect of exercise that fascinates me – That all our human systems are linked and that whatever we do to support or nourish one aspect of ourselves tends to have a beneficial affect on the whole […]

Parkinson’s Diseases latest research shows movement creates positive results

30 May
Dance Fitness class

I’m always fascinated to hear of research papers being published that show a positive link between movement and the alleviation of symptoms in various diseases and often an improvement in quality of life. This study focussed on three different types of movement interventions on a group of people with PD. These being Tai Chi, resistance […]

Taking time to stop and stare

23 May

I just watched this beautiful clip of flowers opening and was reminded of how nourishing it is to simply stop and stare at nature’s beauty. I also noticed the pulse that ran through each flower opening. Nothing in nature seems to be linear and straightforward. The ebb and flow of our energy levels, the seasons, […]

Dance Fitness Norfolk classes are great for your happiness

09 May
Dance Fitness Norfolk-9

Research continues to affirm that movement raises happiness levels, releasing serotonin and endorphins  into the system and lifting mood. Over 80% of Dance Fitness Norfolk participants said their happiness levels were lifted by the end of a class. Dance Fitness Norfolk classes are especially suitable for those new to fitness or getting back into a more active lifestyle. People […]