How exercise helps mental health

05 Jul

I’ve recently been asked to write an article for the MIND Associates magazine. I chose to write about an aspect of exercise that fascinates me – That all our human systems are linked and that whatever we do to support or nourish one aspect of ourselves tends to have a beneficial affect on the whole person.

When we read inspiring stories of people who have overcome tragedy to create meaningful and expansive lives it’s not just our intellect that is absorbing the meaning of the words, it’s directly connecting us to feelings of hope, joy and possibility. When our feelings are thus engaged certain hormones pump into our body spreading little messages of happiness and resilience. This may stimulate us to go for a walk, swim or clear out some cupboards. thereby using the body to start a cycle of positivity.

When we spend time focussing positively on any aspect of our humanness  – body, mind or emotion we are encouraging a virtuous circle of health that brings all three into play.

Choosing a healthy breakfast that releases energy slowly into the body throughout the morning gives us more energy and in turn provides essential nutrients that boost our immune system and keep us well. The more energy and the healthier we are the more life inspires us to take action to make any changes we know deep down we need to make. Even if that change is simply to accept ourselves exactly as we are in this moment.

Have a read of my article and let me know what you think.


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