Relaxation – a new Olympic sport?

13 Nov

Anne -1037Relaxation could become an Olympic sport

Can you imagine a world where people compete to see who can relax the fastest, the deepest and the longest? Where people train long hours honing their relaxation skills? Where champion relaxers glide serenely between bouts?

Of course, relaxation and competition are not easy bedfellows and there are many misconceptions about the subject. Many people don’t know that the body has a system especially evolved to calm us down after activity or stress. This system can be activated, strengthened and enjoyed by anyone. It is an essential part of our survival kit. I’ve seen cats display excellent relaxation skills – leaping to attention on hearing their food being served or on spotting something interesting or frightening and then sinking into a languid torpor of inestimable depths at the drop of a hat, preferably somewhere warm and soft like a convenient lap.

There are numerous ways of activating this chill out system otherwise known as the parasympathetic nervous system including gardening, singing, meditating, baking, painting, yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi and walking. Anything, in fact, that releases tension, eases the muscles and liberates the mind. I have run extensive tests and found that it is impossible to worry whilst deeply relaxed.   Some confuse sleep with relaxation. It may be a relaxing, nourishing, restorative sleep or it can be restless, as we hold on to stresses and anxieties even whilst asleep.

The good news is that our ability to relax is like a muscle, the more we exercise it, the stronger it gets. The more time we devote to practising deep relaxation, the easier it gets to access that wonderful state of mind where we genuinely feel that all is well.

I am holding a Complete Chillout day at Inner Space on Saturday 15th Feb 2014 from 10am-3pm for £35 with a tasty, light, veggie lunch included.

The day will include a delicious combination of music, movement, stretching, yoga, breathing and fun. Come and flex your relaxation muscles, even if yours are a little flabby at the moment. Who knows it might catch on and we may make it an Olympic sport yet!

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